3D Printing / Mock up

What 3D printing / Mock up service we provide?

3D Printing

Our Workshop is equipped with the latest 3D printing technology and SLA. Once you have uploaded the STL file, our engineers will examine your model. They will check for print-ability and also if the model will be sturdy enough to endure shipping and handling. In most cases, we will look to provide you with solutions to overcome any problems. Usually it takes about 3 days to finish printing.

3D Printing technology offers many advantages for rapid tooling and prototyping, and even production parts with astonishingly fine detailing, smooth surfaces, speed and precision.


A mock up is a prototype that provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design, whereas 3D printing is widely used in viewing the design.  Mock-ups are commonly used as a design tool when a new product is designed.